Euphorbia Cedrorum

The Euphorbia Cedrorum is a special appearance. It has the looks of a cactus, but without the spines. The Euphorbia Cedrorum is a very rare plant. The plant is virtually non-existent in the wild and is on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The roots of this special succulent plant lie in Madagascar. The Euphorbia feels at home in a light spot, in the sun or partial shade. The plant requires little care.


BOTANY | Succulent plant Euphorbia Cedrorum is native to Madagascar and grows there on rocky ground.

PLANT CARE | Like most succulents, the Euphorbia Cedrorum requires little care. Water as soon as the soil feels dry (also at the bottom of the pot), about once a week in the warm months and every other week in the colder months. Give organic plant food every month during the growing season. Use organic cactus soil for repotting, which is well permeable.

Flower pot

The kraft paper pot is waterproof for several weeks to months, depending on the water needs of the plant. The pot is 100% biodegradable and plastic-free. As soon as moisture spots appear in the soil, the pot is no longer watertight and it is best to repot the plant. After repotting, the pot can be handed in with the waste paper to be recycled.