Senecio Crassissimus

The Senecio Crassissimus is a particularly decorative succulent plant with its purple/grey, flat elongated leaves.

BOTANY | The Senecio is a succulent plant and originates from South Africa. It grows there in the sandy, rocky ground. The plant can do something special, the leaf can change direction so that there is never a flat surface for the sun to shine on. This rotation of the leaf prevents the plant from losing moisture. For this reason, the plant is also called the propeller plant, since the leaf looks a bit like an airplane propeller.

PLANT CARE | The Senecio needs little water. The plant stores the water on its leaves. Do give some water during the growing season to prevent the root ball from drying out completely. In autumn and winter, an occasional splash of water is sufficient. Give organic plant food once a month during the growing season. The amount of water affects the rate at which the plant grows. More water will encourage growth. But too much water in combination with too little light can quickly lead to rot. You will notice this by mushy areas at the beginning of the leaf or when they start to look snotty, wrinkled or distorted.

SPRAY | The Senecio is used to dry air and therefore does not need to be sprayed. You can occasionally rinse or dust the plant, then more light can reach the succulent.

Flower pot

The kraft paper pot is waterproof for several weeks to months, depending on the water needs of the plant. The pot is 100% biodegradable and plastic-free. As soon as moisture spots appear in the soil, the pot is no longer watertight and it is best to repot the plant. After repotting, the pot can be handed in with the waste paper to be recycled.