The POWER of nature.

With house and garden plants you can easily create your own piece of nature at home. That's important, because did you know that plants can make you feel better? With plants around you you experience less stress, you are more creative and you can concentrate better. Plants also provide better acoustics, better humidity and some plants even filter harmful substances from the air. Enough reasons to surround yourself with plants.

HEALTHY plants.

What makes the plants from RAW.plants so special is that they are grown 100% organically. With RAW.plants we offer a sustainable alternative to regular garden and indoor plants from the supermarket, garden center and even sustainable shops. The vast majority of these plants are grown with chemical pesticides and fertilizers and are therefore far from 'natural'.


RAW.plants are 100% free of these types of toxic substances. Pure nature! With us, plants are allowed to grow and bloom as nature intended. That is not only good for the plant, but also for you and the planet. With RAW.plants you bring pure nature into your home. We CARE for plant, planet & you!